Finally, we managed to sort out some feedbacks from our Elbrus climbing clients of past two years. Here they are!

Michael, Germany, 2013: I came across this Russian company, Mountainguide, when browsing the internet for options of Elbrus ascent with a mountain guide. And I’m so glad I found them. They provided excellent logistical support and made my Elbrus trip a great experience.

Jason, Michigan, USA, 2014: This year I enjoyed a great Elbrus ascent with Mountainguide that came with an unexpected bonus – I met a girl in our group whom I am gonna merry in four months. So, guys, I think, you can add another function to your list of services except of Elbrus, that of match-making. Thank you for this great, memorable trip and experience!

Thomas, Netherlands, 2014: Probably this is somewhat late to write a thank-you note… but I’m doing it, since my last year Elbrus ascent with your team of mountain guides was really awesome. It gave me lasting memories .Thanks a lot.

Antje and Richard, UK, 2013: We were rather doubtful when considering the option of climbing Elbrus with a Russian company as our mountain guide. But finally we decided to give it a try, and we’re only glad that we did it last August. We are really impressed with the professional level and quality service of your Elbrus team. When we compare your services with the experience we previously had with British companies, you definitely win. We appreciate your well-organized and efficient work, and the excellent value you provide for the money you charge, and without any hidden extra costs.

George, USA, 2014: I am writing to thank you for my perfect two-week vacation I had this summer. I couldn’t imagine that climbing Elbrus with a guide can be such a fun. Your team was awesome and arranged everything perfectly well (I suspect, even the weather). My triumph of summiting Elbrus is even bigger since I did it in the company of Mountainguide’s great team of guides and assistants. I wish all the best to my new Russian friends and everyone who contributed to the success of this trip.

I want to mention specially the perfection with which all necessary arrangements for the trip were carried out, the places and people we visited in Russia. On the whole it was a pleasure to do business with your company and you, Sergey, personally. I want you to know that I will be glad to do you a favor in return. You can use my name for recommendation or for a reference for your clients from the US, and I’m also willing to provide whatever additional information they need before booking a trip.

Thanks again and all the best to you and your team,


Marcello, Italy, 2013: I’d like to thank you again and say just how much I liked my experience of climbing Elbrus with your team as mountain guides. Now I’m thinking about climbing Lenin Peak some day with your team…

Ray, USA, 2013:

A few months ago I had a great chance of participating in a guided climbing expedition to Elbrus. I was and I am still impressed with the thorough, faultless organization of the trip, with all the members of your team – guides, assistants, drivers and everybody else who were supporting our endeavor. I spent great time in Moscow as well as when actually climbing Elbrus. Thanks a lot.

Kari, USA, 2014

Thank you for leading me into this great experience of climbing Elbrus. This was my first climbing expedition. I had no idea before how much there is to arrange to give us such once-in-a-lifetime experience. And you arranged everything in the best possible way.

Peter, Finland, 2013

I want to thank you and the members of your team for my wonderful Elbrus ascent in September. Despite the unfavorable weather that nearly ruined all our plans, we managed to reach the summit! Thank you again and again for this success. And especially I’d like commend on the great job done by Alex, an outstanding guide (pity he couldn’t make to the summit with us) and Roman who patiently dealt with all our dissonant and endless demands, requests and inquiries regarding our trip and accommodation. I am grateful also to Sergey who met us at Mineralnye Vody airport and actually saved us from all sorts of shocks in the mountains and in cities. Thank you, guys!

Overall I appreciate and admire the professional approach of Sergey and all his team members. They took care of every detail starting from the very moment of arrival in Moscow and all through the trip and our departure. All details of the Elbrus program were thoroughly arranged and linked into a seamless action.

Without hesitation I recommend your company to everyone interested in climbing Elbrus with mountain guide! Thanks and good luck!

Mark, UK, 2013

Thanks for the great, well-organized Elbrus tour and helping to discover and enjoy a new dimension of this beautiful world!

Einat, Netherlands, 2014

Wonderful trip, lasting memories and great desire to experience it all again and again!! Thank you and your team for your great job! I recommend your company to everyone interested in Elbrus ascent with mountain guide.

Ben, USA, 2014: I greatly enjoyed my Elbrus climb with you, guys. I definitely recommend your mountain guide services to anyone interested in climbing Elbrus. Besides, I’m planning to visit Russia again – this time with my family, and I plan to use your service.

Philip, USA, 2013: Sergey, thank you and your group of guides and assistants who were always there in any kind of circumstance, ready to help. All the activities – before and after ascent, transfers and trips – everything was brilliantly arranged and organized. I would rate the service of your Mountainguide as world class – 10 out of 10. My special thanks to our mountain guides Nikolay and Alex. All the best to you, guys!

Karl, Germany, 2013: I’m just back from a wonderful tour in the Caucasus. Thanks God and our mountain guides, everything went just right and I enjoyed every minute of this exciting experience of climbing Elbrus. We were lucky to have Sergey’s team of most friendly, considerate, patient and reliable professionals. Special thanks to Nikolay for his great job of dealing with our shifting wishes and requests. I’ll spread the word about your company.

Francois, France, 2014: There were last minute changes in our plans and we had to fly back to France before the planned date, so we couldn’t manage to say proper good-by’s and thank everybody in your team for the great trip and all your services. We appreciate how much every one of you did for our superb Elbrus ascent. We would like to take part in another tour with Mountainguide team next year. So, please let us know when planning one. All the best!!

David, Ireland, 2013: On behalf of our Irish team I thank you for the glorious Elbrus ascent with you, guys, as our mountain guides. We appreciate your work of arranging everything for our trip and all through our stay in Russia.

Sergey as well as other guides and assistants provided excellent support both in the valley and during the ascent. Without them we would hardly have made it to the highest summit in Europe and definitely wouldn’t have made it back. I recommend this reliable team to everyone who considers climbing Elbrus with mountain guide!

Carole, France 2014: This is to express just how grateful I am for the amazing time I had with you, guys. I was familiar with the excitement of climbing Elbrus (this isn’t my first ascent) but I enjoyed this one particularly due to the company of your team. Sergey, Vladimir, Sasha and all the others whose names I can’t remember, sorry – thank you all, for your expertise, competence and patience. Hope to meet you again!

Lutz, Germany, 2014: Here, back in Germany, we are still under the impression of the fantastic week we spent in the Caucasus, climbing Elbrus. We headed for the summit from the height of 4240 m but had to wait on the saddle for the right weather for several hours. But finally on July 12 we made it! It was windy and cold up there but it gave us terrific feelings of joy and excitement!!

Thanks a lot for arranging everything for our tour and actually making it happen. The information you provided by e-mail and the one I found on your forum was very helpful and we had no problem when entering the country or with police checks. All the best, guys!!

Maria, USA, 2014: Thank you for the unforgettable experience of standing on the top of Europe!!! It was awesome! Every detail of our trip was arranged in such seamless way and nothing spoiled the perfect moment and the impressions of it. I never thought climbing Elbrus with mountain guides could be such fun. Besides, you took care of every detail – all the arrangements, transfers and trips within the country. The only thing left for me to do was to enjoy every minute of it. I am happy I chose your company as my mountain guides and hope to repeat this experience some day. Meanwhile I have my carved wooden souvenirs I bought in your country to remind me of this exciting Elbrus adventure.

Kurt, Austria, 2013: Guys, you are awesome!! Everybody, if you are looking for a reliable team of mountain guides for Elbrus ascent, these guys are the best!

We not only reached the summit, but also were lucky enough to use the rare chance of skiing down from saddle to the barrels. Overall we enjoyed our stay especially in Essentuki with its culture and market, and also relaxing sauna with massage…

Lynn and Douglas, Ireland, 2014: We just want to thank you, Sergey, and your team for all your efforts to make our Elbrus ascent such a memorable event! It went so smooth and hassle-free for us, we were perfectly pampered with your attention to details, your care and reliable services.

Martin, France, 2014: I’m using this opportunity to say how much I appreciate your efforts to organize an amazing Elbrus ascent this summer and making my visit to Russia such a great experience. Everything was thoroughly planned and implemented. And even the few scary moments and dreadful weather couldn’t ruin things for me.

I knew from your website and forum how reliable and professional you guys are as mountain guides. And during my Elbrus trip I had a chance of seeing all those wonderful qualities at work. You were always there with every member of your group, supporting physically and spiritually. The connectedness you created within your group made the impressions of the trip even better.

I want to mention also how much I enjoyed speaking with you, Sergey, about life, geography and culture of the Caucasus and modern Russia. Many thanks to you all!

Fransisco, Italy, 2013: I want to thank the team of Mountainguide for a very well-organized Elbrus ascent expedition. I was a part of a multinational group, with people from Germany, Ireland, US and France. It was great to see how Sergey was keeping this vibrant multicultural atmosphere excited and pleased. He successfully handles whatever troubles may occur in the area, so you don’t have to worry about any organizational issue. If you consider Elbrus ascent with mountain guide, I definitely recommend this company.

John and Mike, USA, 2014: Last year we had a chance of climbing Elbrus with the team of Mountainguide. We didn’t expect everything to be so good – the food, the lodge, the guides, and all the other arrangements of the trip. Many thanks to all of you!

Nicole and Ralf, France, 2014: Sergey, we would like to thank you and your friends for arranging this wonderful Elbrus ascent tour and supporting us all through it. Everything was perfect and we will recommend the services of Mountainguide to people interested in quality mountain climbing tours. Wish you all the best!

Philip, Scotland, 2014: I’m writing to thank you once again for the great expedition. When I was looking for a provider of Elbrus ascent with guide and came across Mountainguide, I was skeptical about the quality of services. Later I was very pleased to realize that I was very wrong. Everything was perfectly arranged and all the members of our group were really receiving attention and support on all the stages of our Elbrus trip, from arrival in Russia to home departure. Thanks for providing such great experience!