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Summit of Aconcagua in November!


Our expedition to Aconcagua successfully finished with the summit on the 30th of November – no other team summited Aconcagua before that day. The weather was fine and very warm despite the cruel stories about that period that people are used to tell. All the period of our expedition to Aconcagua the weather was good except three days of strong winds in the middle. There was not a single day of clouds and rain or snow. And very important – while the whole climb in all the camps of Aconcagua it was plenty of snow for cooking, so we always had good fresh water without the famous Aconcagua dust. So we can pretty recommend this periods for other people. Didn’t use any of reserve days actually, so now have almost one week free.

Now we are going to Patagonia, but will be back for next Aconcagua climb in three weeks. Enjoy the pictures.

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