Through the Mountains to yourself. Elbrus.

Height (m)
9 days
1100 $

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About the tour We offer you a completely new tracking format – “Who am I? Through the mountains to ourselves ”, in that, in spite of the standard program, together we maintain the completed life, the most powerful reboot in our life. Every day we constantly monitor through the scale of various technologies and go […]

About the tour

We offer you a completely new tracking format – “Who am I? Through the mountains to ourselves ”, in that, in spite of the standard program, together we maintain the completed life, the most powerful reboot in our life. Every day we constantly monitor through the scale of various technologies and go deeper into understanding ourselves, our life. Look for delicious fruits, connect with yourself, your meanings and values ​​in life.

This is a program for those who are confused, stuck, lost inner support, experiencing apathy or burnout, are in a state of depression, cannot break through the current level in life, do not understand themselves where to go and what to do.

This is a program for those who are tired and want to connect with themselves. For those who want to stop PREPARING TO LIVE AND START LIVING, making the next year the best year of their life

What we will do and what topics to study:

The entire program will be aimed not only at a deep reboot of our body, mind and our state in general, but also at understanding ourselves, how we are arranged, how easy it is for us to come to our any goals and dreams.

  1. Our values ​​and mission in life, our talents, connecting with which we get an endless source of energy (connect with ourselves), on which we can go far, on a large scale, getting the desired result.
  2. Understanding of ourselves, our inner structure, our true goals and tools, thanks to which we can easily come to this.
  3. Our mission – you will get a solid understanding of how to feel and realize it.

On the program, you will be able to resolve all your internal issues, conflicts in life, with people, etc., to understand what to do next.

What will help us:

  1. Human design is a practical system of self-knowledge that very quickly allows you to answer questions about yourself, how we are arranged at the cellular level and figure out how to interact with ourselves. Our task is not to give you a theory, but to start a process of changes in you.

You will learn:

– why do some succeed, while others do not

– how to find your real goals and move towards them correctly

– why we get sick, suffer, and how to get away from it

– how to acquire a resource state and always maintain it

– what really inspires me

– how to solve problems in relationships with partners, colleagues, family, friends

– how to make the right decisions

– where is my money? How to start earning or break through the ceiling

– how not to go crazy and cope with emotions

– what are your strengths and weaknesses

– what are our key competencies

– how to find your way, find your favorite business

  1. Psychology and Transformational practices and tasks to find oneself, to achieve and consolidate the maximum result

After tracking, you will feel a surge of strength and energy, connect with your uniqueness and your meanings, and begin to create any results in your life. Create a long-term vision of yourself and an action plan for the coming year with clear and concrete steps to achieve what you want, gain a team of like-minded people who will always support and help you. Stop working on something, look for answers and start acting and LIVING.

Who is leading?

The transformational coach Andrey Yurkov is in charge of the immersion. Author and methodologist of the Who am I program. He helped over 1,000 people to reveal their potential, start LIVING their lives and change all spheres (money and realization, relationships, health). Creator of the Who Am I community. Author of retreat programs all over the world.

Below you can see the results of Andrey’s program participants:

9-day Schedule for an Elbrus Climb from the South

Day 1. Arrival at MRV airport. Departure from the airport at 12: 00-12: 15 pm for all arrivals on flights before 11:30 pm. Departure from the airport at 15: 15-15: 30 pm for all arrivals before 14:45 pm. Moving 200 km (3 hours) transfer to the hotel. The hotel of the system is at the beginning of the hundred-kilometer valley of the Baksan River, almost on the very slope of Elbrus. Gathering for dinner.
Day 2. Acclimatization hike to Cheget. Descent on foot to the hotel.
Day 3. Acclimatization hike to Maid’s Braids waterfall (at 2700m) and further on, to the observatory (at 3100m).
Day 4. Taking a lift to the refuge and setting up there. After a snack, making an acclimatization hike to an elevation of 4400m, till the end of the ridge. Overnight stay in the huts.
Day 5. An acclimatization hike to Pastukhov’s Rocks (at 4700m).
Day 6. Rest day. Final preparations for summiting Elbrus.
Day 7. Summiting Mt. Elbrus (5642m), with an early start (at 2–4 AM) and possible use of a Snowcat. The proportion of guides and clients is strictly 1:3.
Day 8. Reserve day. Descent to the hotel.
Day 9. Transfer to the airport at 7 AM (plan your flight with this in mind!). Probably there will be some time for a walk in Pyatigorsk after you reach the airport and leave your luggage there. On your own, you can visit also the well-known Russian poet Lermontov’s duel site.

To give you peace of mind, the package tours we offer, as a rule, include all expenses you may need

Included in the cost of Elbrus climb:

  • Mountain guides: one leading guide for the program of Elbrus climb and several assistants for the day of summiting, with a strict proportion of 1 guide per three climbers. This means that if there are four clients in a group, there will be two guides for them. We have no limitation of attempts for the group to summit. However, if part of the group made it to the summit while some members failed to, summiting is considered successful, and any additional attempts are made for additional payment.
  • Services of a cook.
  • Hotel with accommodation in double and triple rooms. Duration of stay depends on the schedule.
  • Accommodation in huts. Duration of stay depends on the schedule of Elbrus climb.
  • All transfers mentioned in the itinerary (including lifts) – from and to airport / station.
  • Meals three times a day throughout the trip. Dinner on the first day, breakfast – on the last.
  • All required permits and registrations.
  • Equipment for the group (ropes, ice screws, radios, first aid set, satellite navigators/GPS)

Not included in the cost of Elbrus climb:

  • Snowcat on summiting day
  • Single accommodation
  • Personal equipment
  • Any deviations to the original schedule.
  • Any costs caused by the changing of the programs

List of equipment for climbing mount Elbrus from the South.

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  • Valid passport
  • Airline tickets
  • Voucher (a form, which was sent to you for obtaining visa)
  • Insurance

Personal equipment

  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Ski/trekking poles
  • Crampons
  • Ice axe
  • Mountaineering Lanyard
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • 2 Carabines
  • 2 meters of 5 or 6-10mm rope

Clothing and shoes.

  • Wind and waterproof layer – Pants and Jacket. Gore-Tex, for example.
  • Fleece pants and jacket
  • Thermo underwear layer – top and bottom
  • Dawn jacket.
  • Mittens
  • Thick gloves
  • Thin gloves
  • Bandana
  • Warm hat
  • Underwear, socks and so on
  • Some warm socks for a summit day
  • Balaclava
  • Windproof face mask
  • Gators
  • Trekking shoes/trekking boots
  • Double or triple boots

Travel Accessories

  • Headlamp
  • Shower accessories, toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Sunglasses
  • Ski goggles
  • Vitamins
  • Thermos (1 liter, better without button)
  • Sunblock and lip balm
  • Personal medical kit
  • Spare contact lenses or glasses
  • Knee supports