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Climb Carstensz

Carstensz Pyramid or Mt. Newang Kawi (local name of the mountain) is the highest mountain in Australia and Oceania and it’s an amazing mountain magnificent of the famous Seven summits project. Carstensz Pyramid is situated in West Papua. It lies in New Guinea – the world’s second largest island.

Climb Carstensz with our guides

Height: 4,884 m (16023 ft)

Locality: West Papua, Indonesia

Coordinates: S 04°04.733 – E 137°09.572

The Carstensz glacier has retreated 1,446 feet in the last twenty-five years. The Meren glacier retreated even further (2,384 feet). Yet the melting of these giant ice tongues have “ birth” to those beautiful turquoise colored lakes Morrow admired so much. Furthermore, it is the spring of life for many species in the jungle below.

The name Carstensz Mountain is actually not quite appropriate. In fact The Carstensz Pyramid is a part of Sudirman Range same with Nggapulu Peak (4,862 meter), the Sunday or Sudirman Peak (4,870 meter) and the East Carstensz Top (4,775 meter). There are other peaks in the region, all above 4,600 meter, which form the Jayawijaya range. Jan Cartensz, The Dutch sailor, has seen both ranges and he had discovered the middle peaks of third largest island in the world.



We are guiding visitors to climbing to the top of Mt. Carstensz from north face (normal route). The normal route of ascent is following the line pioneered by Heinrich Harrer in 1962. Recently there are many other routes to go up to Carstensz, but the Harrer route is the most popular and the most straightforward way. It contains of sections 5.3 – 5.4 rock climbing with one pitch 5.7 – 5.9 which is led by the leader and fixed with a “Tyrolean” rope traverse.



Day 1     Joining at Bali or Jakarta

Day 2     Going to Timika City and stay over night

Day 3 – 4 Going to Sugapa / Ilaga

Day 5     Porter arrangement

Day 6     Start trekking to base camp (5 – 7 days)

Day 10   Arriving at base camp

Day 11   Rest

Day 12  Climbing Snow Mountain in Equator Line,Mt. Nggapulu

Day 13   Climbing Mt Carstensz Pyramid

Day 14 -15 Spare day

Day 16   Trekking  to Ilaga/Sugapa Village (6 days of trekking)

Day 21   Arriving at Ilaga  or Sugapa village

Day 22   Going to Timika City and stay overnight

Day 23  Flying  to Jakarta or Bali


We provide one skillfull and experience guide for every 5 team members. For 6-10 members, we provide  2 (two) experience guides.



To climb Carstensz Pyramid,  you need the following equipment:

• Harness,

• Helmet,

• 4 x tape slings,

• 6 x screw gate carabiners,

• Descender / abseil devices

• 4 x Prussik loops

To climb Nggapulu, you need more equipments as follow :

• Ice axe, Crampons


Included :

1.     All local transportation in Papua and all access to base camp by helicopter.

2.     Hotel at all city in Papuaas stated in the above (included : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

3.     Free baggage for local flight (max 20 kgs/pax).

4.     Porter to carry all climbers equipments.

5.     Royalty fees and all permits from Indonesian Goverment.

6.     Climbing gears (rope, sling, carabiner, chock Friend).

7.     All camping facilities and meal during the expedition

8.     All transport to and from Mt. Carstensz Pyramid

9.     Climbing guide and cook team.

10.  Tent


Not Included :

1. Return Domestic flight from Bali or Jakarta to Papua

2. Excess baggage International flight to Bali or Jakarta

3. Hotel at Bali or Jakarta

4. All meals during your stay in Bali or Jakarta

5. Medical Insurance or any kind of insurances

6. Personal climbing equipment, clothing and sleeping equipment

7. Airport tax in Bali or Jakarta

8. Bar bills, laundry, extra meals and phone calls

9. Visa’s fee for entering Indonesia

  1. Optional trips other than stated in this trip
  2. Rescue and Evacuation
  3. Excess baggage at all local flight


Payment Method :

1. Deposit of 10 % from total cost (3 months before expedition date), completed with curriculum vitae, copy of passport , 8 photograph (3X4 cm)

2. Deposit of 40 % from total cost (1 month before expedition date)

3. Settlement of 50 % total cost when meet at Indonesia

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