Elbrus logistic pack

We are happy to offer logistic pack for independent climbers. If you feel yourself a confident climber and do not want to join any of our standard tours to Elbrus, you can request for some separate services.

Our services on Elbrus:

  • Make visa support for visiting Elbrus, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg
  • Make your registration in OVIR of Elbrus region
  • Make border zone permit for Elbrus region and other mountain regions of Caucasus
  • Consultations of professional mountain guides
  • Assistance with your lost luggage and its delivery from Airport of Mineralnie Vody to Terskol
  • Providing the weather forecast for Elbrus. We have paid subscription for the Elbrus weather forecast channel, so can provide you with the forecast which is detailed by hours for couple of days (also by phone)
  • Buy you a local GSM sim card of Elbrus region. Mobile GSM coverage on the South side of Elbrus is pretty good. There is some coverage in the North side of Elbrus
  • Register you at Elbrus Rescue service
  • Organise you a private transfer from airport of Mineralnie Vody to Terskol (Cheget, Azau) – the basic places to climb Elbrus. It can be a car (up to 3 people), minibus (up to 8 people), bus (up to 20 people) – all in perfect condition with the intelligent drivers
  • Organising transfers to Georgia (to climb Kazbek, for example)
  • Organize you local transfers in Elbrus region – to Azau, Cheget, Narzan valley, Tirnyauz city or even to the Northern side of Elbrus
  • Booking hotel in Terskol, Azau, Cheget for you. Our base is hotel Alamat in Terskol
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the hotel
  • Booking you a tented camping site in Elbrus region if you want to camp in the tent instead of the hotel
  • Booking mountain huts on the South side of Elbrus
  • The service of the cook and food in the mountain huts (need to be booked in advance and depends on availability on the exact dates)
  • The service of the mountain guides (depends on availability on the exact dates)
  • Lunch packs
  • Elbrus Gear rent. You can book equipment to climb Elbrus or something else in advance. We have full range of gear you might need to climb Elbrus
  • Storage room
  • Gaz and petrol for your stoves
  • Small shop of basic mountain gear
  • Charge your batteries and wifi services
  • Printing/copying the forecasts/files/tickets/e-mails/etc.
  • Organize your holidays in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg before or after your Elbrus climb. Meeting in any airport, transfer to any place in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, programs of any kind there.


Please, feel free to mail us to ask any questions! Or use the form below: