Is skiing gear suitable for climbing Elbrus

Many guests often ask the question how suitable is skiing gear  for climbing Elbrus.

In general it is suitable. But it’s worth to keep in mind some nuances:

  • Jacket and trousers in ski suits usually have different degrees of warming, while on climbing models there is usually no insulation. It may seem to be not a problem at all. However, if you need an inflatable / waterproof jacket on the first acclimatization exits, when you walk on the grass and in + 20C, and you only have a ski jacket with three layers of insulation, there will be some problems. The same with the descent from the top of Elbrus – on a clear sunny day it is very hot, but there is a nasty cold breeze.
  • The next problem is ventilation degree. Usually in this respect the ski models are noticeably inferior to climbing ones.
  • “Breathability” of the membrane itself means its ability to remove moisture from the body. Still, the intensity of the body’s work when skiing and using ski lifts and when climbing Elbrus is completely different. If your things get damp from the inside, then you can freeze even in the warmest clothes, the heat-insulating properties fall significantly when clothes get damp.
  • In winter, on skis, the weight makes no importance, the difference in weight may be in be several times.

So, summing it up, it is necessary to say that it’s possible to wear skiing clothes on Elbrus, you just have to be more careful, avoid the slightest overheating and carefully select layers of clothing.