Ararat in 3 days

Ararat in 3 days
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3 days







About the tour

Well-acclimatized climbers in excellent physical shape can take a shorter itinerary for climbing Mount Ararat.  This short itinerary can be used also as an excellent sequel to any other ascent with our company. For instance, Ararat climb may follow an Elbrus, Kazbek or Damavend ascent.

Day 1.  Meeting at the airport of Igdir. Transfer to the village of Eli and hike to the camp at an elevation of 3340m.
Day 2. Early start for Ararat climb and descent to the camp at an elevation of 3340m.
Day 3. Breakfast. Descent to village Eli. Transfer, departure.

The price of Ararat climbing tour includes:

  • Mountain guides (in the proportion of 1 per 4 climbers)
  • Transfer Van-Ararat-Van
  •  Hotel in Van. Accommodation in 2-3-bed rooms. Duration of stay depends on the schedule.
  • Permits for climbing
  • Meals three times a day throughout the trip. Dinner on the first day, breakfast – on the last.
  • Mules for taking the equipment to camps. (15kg/pax)
  • Equipment for the group (ropes, ice screws, radios, first aid set, satellite navigators/GPS).

The price of Ararat climbing tour does not include:

  • International and local flights
  • Personal gear
  • Medical insurance for mountain climbing
  • Expenses incurred by any changes to the mentioned itinerary
  • Personal expenses (drinks, internet, phone calls, etc.)
  • Any costs associated with program changes



  • Passport
  • Airplane tickets
  • Medical insurance

Personal equipment:

  • Backpack. 30-50l.
  • Sleeping bag, comfort temperature from -10C and below.
  • Sleeping mattress
  • Trekking poles.
  • Crampons.
  • Ice ax.

Clothes and shoes:

  • Trekking boots with the ability to attach crampons.
  • Sneakers.
  • Waterproof layer – Jacket + pants. The industry offers a range of products from simple membranes 5000/5000 to products from Gore-Tex.
  • Fleece pants and jacket.
  • Thermo underwear top + bottom.
  • Down jacket.
  • Thick gloves.
  • Thin gloves.
  • Bandana (in addition to sun protection in the valley, it can be used to warm your throat or face in the cold)
  • Warm hat.
  • Warm trekking socks for climbing day

Travel accessories:

  • LED headlamp
  • Sunglasses
  • Ski goggles
  • Thermos – 1l. Better without a button in the lid.
  • Windproof mask on the lower part of the face (with some degree of success, you can replace it with a scarf)
  • Gators
  • Sunblock and lip balm
  • Chemical heating pads (not necessary, but can be very useful)
  • Personal fmedical kit
  • Knee supports

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